What is a Boomerang and why do you care about my thoughts?

For my inaugural post I’m going to start off very dry with a simple definition and hopefully grab your interest as I progress. A boomerang is a grown child that moved out and started a life of their own only to come back and move back in with their parents. Well that’s me… the 26 year old boomerang living the stereotypical life of being in my parents basement, As you get to know me you’ll learn I have an opinion about everything, and hopefully you’ll find what I have to say quite interesting, educational or at the very least amusing. Which brings me to the second part of the question, “Why do you care about my thoughts?” Well a lot has changed for me over the past 9 months and I’ve learned a few things along the way I wish I knew up front. I plan on talking about everything from raising a child, to ending a relationship, to beginning a new one, to male weight gain (no-homo) and dragging my ass back to the gym, to quitting smoking, and pretty much everything I have encountered or could possibly feel like talking about.

Now if you asked me a year ago while I was busy planning my son’s first birthday, engaged, and paying a mortgage on a 3 floor townhouse all by age 25 where I thought I would be at the end of summer while I was 26, I certainly would not have guessed living with MD renovating the basement so I can have a bedroom since my old room was now an office. Things change…sometimes in what feels like the drop of a hat your whole world can get flipped upside down, I went from living in my own house, to living with my fiancée’s parents, to living with my own; single; with a son I barely get to see. It’s amazing how you can try and convince yourself that happiness is on its way and you just tough it out because it’s what is “best” for everyone else. It’s amazing how easy you can put your own thoughts and opinions and feelings to the side for the best interest of someone else. And it’s amazing that sure enough everyone has that breaking point where it’s time to make you happy. Well if only it was that simple, If only it was like restarting your laptop or force closing an application and just starting over. Even with the endless support of some of the most amazing people you could possibly surround yourself with, starting over is just plain hard. That’s what I learned and that’s what I want to talk about and share with anyone who just might stumble across this. Well that and some absurd thoughts and anecdotes that may come creeping into my twisted mind from time to time. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride that is the constant flight of a boomerang.